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Updated: May 8, 2018

So, let's dive in- shall we?! :) We have been incredibly busy getting our business up and running here in Boise. The move has proved to be a great decision for our family and our business. We have met amazing people and experienced some great adventures already! We are so excited for all that is to come for our family and business. We are currently working on meeting new builders while drafting away for our builders back in North Dakota. Alongside of that, we are getting our Interior Design branch off the ground! Interior Design is something I (Tasha) have loved for a very long time, but I was so busy with drafting that I never made a lot time for it outside of previous jobs and helping friends and family. That's about to change. Now that we're both working full-time for Alpine Drafting & Design I'm able to have that freedom to explore that side a bit more. And I am EXCITED!! We've already joined forces with a lot of great vendors to source our products from. This past week we have been touring the Boise Spring Parade of Homes and absorbing everything we can like sponges! Taking notes, pictures, talking with builders, etc...We have so many floor plans and design ideas running through our heads right now- if only we could transfer it all down on paper :) Well, if you've made it this far in the post- we'd like to extend a sincere "Thank You" for following along in our journey thus far. We have been extremely blessed with a huge amount of support from everyone. Please, stick around- we have SO much more to come!! We will update the blog regularly with both Drafting & Design posts. So again, WELCOME!!! We're glad you're here ;)

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