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Less is More

Minimalism. It's a word you hear a lot, but what does it mean? What are the benefits? What does it actually look like? For the past 5 or so years we have been diving into Minimalism and what it looks like for our family. We've read books, watched documentaries, and de-cluttered...and de-cluttered...and continue to de-clutter...We went from a 1650 sf house with a basement (storage) to a 1100 sf 2 bedroom apartment. 5 people up in here is tight...BUT we wouldn't change it. It has forced us to simplify- and it feels so good. There's something freeing about owning less. It creates the ability to spend time doing the things we love: camping, parks, biking, swimming, hiking....overall just creating amazing memories with our kids. People over product- that's really what it comes down to. Buying things creates instant gratification and then it's gone. Very rarely do the things we purchase provide long-lasting satisfaction. After it enters your home it needs to be cared for, cleaned up, stored, and repaired. You invest so much more than your money- you invest your time. For every item you own- that much more of your time and effort is taken away from the things that truly have meaning. We have found this to be incredibly true. By downsizing and ridding our clutter we have so much more extra time to spend exploring and creating memories with our kids. In this journey, we have formed an interest in tiny homes. Our hope is to design and build them someday. To provide individuals and families with a simple space to fulfill their basic needs. To live simply. To live off the grid. To live happily ever after. We aren't sure when we will reach that point in our business, but it's certainly something we're aspiring to do and have been doing a ton of research on. So stay tuned...and in the mean time we'll leave you with some sweet inspirational pics :) Feel free to leave us some comments on your thoughts about minimalism and tiny homes!!

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