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Happy Mother's Day!!

Mother's Day is one of my favorite days of the year. Each year I'm reminded how blessed I am to have my 3 sweet boys in my life. It's also a bittersweet day as I reflect back on our boys' birth moms who gave so selflessly so their sons could have a better life than they thought they could provide for them. So, while I celebrate this day, I also know that today is most likely a difficult day for them. So many people don't understand how a mom could "give up" her child- it truly is a selfless act of love. To give your child a better life than you can provide them with. A life they truly deserve. To be given opportunities you yourself could never give them. It's the most heroic act anyone could imagine and we are FOREVER grateful to them. To all the moms out there- I hope you have an amazing day filled with all the things that make you happy! For me- it's simply relaxing, hanging out with my boys, and not having to cook or clean ;) Happy Mother's Day!!

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